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Yvonne Schmidt



As a young Mom, when I'd take our kids to art classes, I'd get the thought: "I wish I could do that too". As a result, I put drawing, painting and art in general on my list of things to do after retirement.

Having now been retired and living in the beautiful area for years, I've had lots of inspiration to keep that enthusiasm going. I've taken college classes in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

I'm so hooked on watercolor--it continually surprises me and relaxes me at the same time. If I'm feeling fatigued, I just go to my home studio, pick up my brush and start playing with the paint, water and paper--it transports me to another world every time.

I love attempting to capture the visions from my outer world and also to express my inner world through abstracts. I enjoy painting everything from portraits, floral and landscapes to colors and shapes that seem to just appear. I absolutely love creating....... and I love being an artist!!!