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Sidney Drury

Boyne City
p: 231 330-4750


I am a Florida Cracker that needed to see what other parts of the country may contain. Raised in the early years on the back streets of Ybor City and later, in the backwaters of gator country. From the extreme heat of Faulkner's south to Hemingway's northern Michigan, where I now reside when I am not gulf side.

For me, inspiration comes from many sources: the words of Socrates, stories of my friends, my own unique life experience and most recently from great literature. So I glaze and scrumble until I think I have convinced the eye and the brain that what is seen, could be. As I work, I am always mindful of the words of Francisco Goya, "There are no lines in nature, only lighted forms and forms which are in sahdow, planes which project and planes which recede."