JRAC MEMBERS / Cynthia and Ron Tschudy

JRAC Member

Cynthia and Ron Tschudy

East Jordan
p: 231-544-6167


Cynthia and Ron Tschudy have been making pottery in northern Michigan since 1980. Throughout this time their pottery has always been slab built, mid-range electric fired work. Throughout the years the work has included airbrushed images, intricate drawings using underglaze pencils and relief images using hand carved bisque fired slabs. Recently the work has undergone another transformation. Cynthia began using much softer slabs and manipulating them into more organic forms. Since the forms seem almost cloth like, we began using different fabrics to create various textures. The work remains functional but has a very distinctive look. We sell our work at local fairs in the summer and at two galleries: The Blue Heron in Elk Rapids and Freshwater in Boyne City.