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John G Stevens

4737 Lakeshore Rd, Boyne City, MI 49712
p: 231-582-6399



I have always been interested in electricity and old neon signs and been a collector of such objects. Electricity, science, and art are an inherent part of all my creations. Fire, heat, colored lights are the spark and celebration of life!

I consider myself a “developing” neon artist; developing in the sense of working to advance my skill levels and searching for ways of mixing different media with neon. Always looking for the perfect combination. My sculptural pieces may use cast glass, stained glass and found objects.

My previous training in the arts and industrial mechanics and my fascination with the science of neon and glass, have brought me to the point of wanting more knowledge. I’ve been fortunate in having the opportunity to be mentored in workshops with the best-Sally Prasch and Jacob Fishman 1997 and 1998 and David Ablon, Marcus Thielen, Tom Unger 1998 and 2000. Unlike many neon artist, I do all my own glass work and processing and have built an electric processing kiln for creating single and no electrode art pieces. The design was patterned after Jacob Fishman's kiln he used in the 1998 workshop.
John G Stevens