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Shanna Robinson

Horton Bay, MI
p: 231.439.6376



I am an artist and teacher. As the only full-time art professor at North Central Michigan College, I teach a range of courses including design, textiles, ceramics and art history.

I enjoy the process of manipulating materials with my hands. Fiber-like materials and clay are the most compelling materials for me, as I am interested in the process and the physical properties of things that can be folded and molded into a new form.

Much of my art work is rooted in fiber traditions. Having earned an MFA in Textiles at Eastern Michigan University I continue to explore the techniques of layering, looping and interlacement in a variety of media. I am especially interested in using non-traditional materials in the context of these techniques. Bicycle inner tubes gleaned from bike shops around the region are the most compelling materials right now. They make a lovely, seductive fabric.

My current clay work is mostly sculptural. These sculptural ideas drive my experience with clay and I continue to seek ways to marry the sculptural and the functional. Resolution of these ideas and the integration of the clay and the fiber work into a mixed media whole keep me looking to the future.