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Margie Guyot

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The old saying "A tangled web we weave..." certainly holds true in my case. My high school art teacher was nasty to me because he didn't like the fact I was also in band. So I quit art and majored in music education. Played in a road band for a couple years after college, then settled in to work 30 years on the Line at Ford Wixom Assembly Plant. During the Big Layoff of 1980, somebody loaned me a copy of Betty Edwards' book, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". Until reading it, I'd been afraid to try drawing, after so many years away from it. But I doggedly did all the exercises and voila -- by the end of the book, I could draw! Things kind of mushroomed since then. Virtually all of my art education has been in the form of weeklong art workshops out in places like Scottsdale Artists School.

I learned painting en plein air (painting in the plain air), from life. Probably the 2 best teachers I had were Clyde Aspevig and Scott Christensen. The only medium I work in is oil. I love it for its range of depth and textural qualities.

Besides landscapes, I also enjoy painting still lifes in my studio (again, working from life, not photos). People sometimes are surprised to find I also do a lot of car paintings. To me, they're like combining the best of both worlds (landscapes and still lifes) in that cars are big, solid, colorful, reflective objects. I like switching back and forth all the time, from still lifes to landscapes. And I enjoy painting in all seasons. Thank goodness for Gore-tex and heavyweight goosedown!

I am very grateful to have been able to retire from Ford and move up to this beautiful neck of the woods! And I imagine my old high school art teacher would probably be turning over in his grave if he knew I was playing my sax in the Charlevoix Community Band.