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Chad Pastotnik

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Chad Pastotnik ~ DEEP WOOD PRESS

Chad Pastotnik has a BFA in printmaking and focuses on intaglio copper and relief wood engraving techniques which find their way into book forms as they are both highly detailed types of prints and lend themselves well to the smaller format. Chad has also had formal training in bookbinding as well as restoration and repair techniques, these skills led him to establish Deep Wood Press in 1992 along the banks of the Cedar River in northern Michigan’s beautiful Antrim County. Within the first few years there was a determined need for text for these book forms and the first letterpress and a few scattered cases of lead type began the formal act of publishing for Deep Wood. Since then, the equipment, the workplaces and the vision have continued to evolve and improve and the ever continuing explorations of “the book as art” is at hand.

The primary focus of the press is, and always has been, the production of limited edition fine press books with a focus on the natural environment and humanities interaction with nature. Another mainstay hallmark of the press is the inclusion of artwork printed from the original matrices of one or more of the following; intaglio, wood engraving, collagraphs and linoleum cuts. Great attention is paid to tradition and detail; books are composed in classic typeforms appropriate for the content and impressed into handmade or mould made sheets gathered from all points of the globe. Inks are often hand made from raw ingredients and all aspects of the finished book follow rigorous archival practices to insure that the volume will continue to exist in the centuries to come. Several collaborations and commissions have been done with other print makers and regional writers and poets that share a similar call from their respective muses. These projects are always especially fun as they inevitably lead to new discoveries and challenges.

Over the past 17 years, Deep Wood Press has produced over twenty five book titles and countless commissioned works and is present in some of the finest museums, libraries and university collections in the country including the Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.