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August 3 - 15


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Charles Culver

A retrospective exhibit of works by the renowned artist, Charles Culver will be exhibited August 3 — 15 at the Jordan River Art Center. The opening reception is August 3.  He states: “I do not paint animals but only  the images that animals arouse. A real artist never desires to be the foremost artist of his time, but merely one of the good artists of all time.”  
Watercolors and paintings from his entire career will be on display, including the exquisite “Caged Lion” displayed once before  because of its size: 80” wide x 42” height. This watercolor consists of 8 sheets of watercolor paper pieced together to create the entire image.

Charles Culver died in 1967 at the age 59. His artwork tells us of a life spent observing the world around him. The variety of his subject matter and different style periods exhibit a unity of mind. The animals, plants, landscapes and townscapes are Michigan. His style is whimsical, vigorous, sensitive and clearly recognizable. His sanctuary was the Northern Michigan village of Bellaire.

The problem of earning a living as a fine artist is universal, and in order to support his family, Charles spent years as a commercial artist in Detroit for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. He also taught his beloved medium of watercolor at the College for Creative Studies in the 1960s.

Recognition as a fine artist first came in 1940 with a New York City exhibition, followed my many more around the country.

As his friend, E.P. Richardson, director of the Detroit Institute of Arts, 1945-1962 writes about him, “Charles Culver was a true artist. By this I mean that what he did in art came from within himself. It did not come from a teacher or a school, or a fashion in painting, or from the pages of a magazine. It came from his own way of seeing the world, of which his painting was the disciplined and sensitive expression. I do not mean to suggest that he was not aware of, or not interested in what went on about him; but only that the way he found was his own way.”

Charles Culver’s paintings and watercolors are in private collections and museum throughout the world.  the Detroit Institute of Arts has more of Culver’s work than any other Michigan artists work.  

The JRAC Council hopes that this exhibit, August 3 —15, open Tuesday through Sunday , 1 — 4 pm will introduce and inform a new audience of his life and work  Many of the works exhibited will be for sale, even some unframed.  Andrea Gerring is the curator of the exhibit and for further information contact her at 231 588 2202, or

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