Art Full Rooms: Living with Art

August 11 to September 22, 2013


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Art Full Rooms: Living with Art

This is the third time that the Jordan River Arts Council is transforming its main gallery into a small home.  This time there is a porch, entry hall, 2 bedrooms, a tiny powder room, dining room and living room.   Everything in every room was created or repurposed by a local artist---and “local “ covers from the tip of the Leelanau --- down, up, and around to Harbor Springs.

Think cottage and country with a scattering of sleek, sophisticated   pieces and some oriental art.  Think gleaming and rare woods combined with birch bark and bent branch pieces.  Think brand new art combined with discarded and repurposed furniture and architectural fixtures.   Think abstract art and folk art.  Think funky yet cozy.  Think surprises and textures and color.  Think uniqueness.

Our goal with this show is to celebrate local artists and their creations and to create an environment that is welcoming and art full.  So in addition to touring our house, you can attend workshops that help you select color and art that reflect your own taste within your own home.  Diantha Harris will offer a session on “What is your color?”  that focuses on what colors work best for you.  Sylvia Walworth will offer a session on selecting art and accessories for your home; on discovering patterns in your artistic taste.   Delbert Michel will lead a session on transforming a found item into a work of art.

 Detailed descriptions of these workshops, their cost, dates and times are available by clicking on Workshops on the home page of this website.

This show opens on Sunday, August 11 and runs through Sunday, September 22, 2013.  We are open Tuesdays through Sundays from 1-4 PM.    Come once, come twice.  Come alone, come with friends.  We look forward to seeing you.


Area designers Jennifer Aenis, Karen Brennan, Diantha Harris, Charles Hershberger, Della Lewis, Robert Pervis, Mary Anne Rivers and Sylvia Walworth have brought their perspective and knowledge of local artists and furniture makers to create these unique rooms.


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