The Dog and Pony Show

September 11 to October 7


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The Dog and Pony Show

September 11 to October 7

The Dog and Pony  Show now on exhibition at the Jordan River Art Center  is exciting and pleasurable  not only for animal lovers but also artists and art patrons.  Over 70 art works  in all  media including collage, woodcuts and linoleum prints, weavings, oils, watercolors, clay and bronze sculptures   quilts, clothing, photographs, and mixed media.

To name a few:  The collages by Ann Gildner are noticeable because there are no animals.  Their titles tells all:  “Dog Gone”, and  “Dog Gone Camping.” Drawing immediate attention is a series of eleven small oil paintings each with a  hot dog on a bun with different toppings by Margie Guyot. The woodcut of “Poncho the Docent” by Meredith Krell is worthy of attention because it is in memory of the dog owned by Jim and Sylvia Walworth.  Sylvia is a co-curator of the show while Jim has served as a docent for many exhibitions and always brought Poncho to help greet the guests.

An art work not related to the show should be noted. The show opened September 11 and as a tribute to those who lost their lives that day  is a beautiful wall hanging by Sylvia Walworth and three of her grandchildren: Kyle, Neal, and Jamie. They made drawings, picked the most important aspect of their drawings, choose material to be most representative, and helped sew the hanging.  There is a brief  message about the art work.  All entering should take time  and view. This is one example of  how artists relate to human experiences.

Other artists participating are Jeffyn Gary Peterson, Karen Thumm, Karen Walker, Ken Thomas, Margaret Moran, Paula Cordes, Rebecca Hamlin, Richard Lentini, Roberta Amstad, Tom Winebrenner, Kathleen Glynn, Steve Toornman, Kathy Briggs, Paul Andrzejewski, Kyle Endicott, Melissa Zelanek, Mary Clagett, Roddy Dammeyer, Babs Young, Sylvia Walworth, Vivian Wanless, Jane Diller and John Stevens.

The  show runs until October 7, at  JRAC, 301 Main St., East Jordan, and is open daily from 1-4 pm.    For other times and further information call Sylvia, 231 599 3065 or Meredith Krell, co-curator, 231 547   5923.

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