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June 27 to July 22


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Sunday, June 27 was the opening of the 19th Annual Invitational Arts Exhibition sponsored by the Jordan River Arts Council.  The Center was filled all afternoon with artists, patrons, and guests viewing the over 80 works of art in a wide variety of media and technique by member artists.

Member artists participating are John and Raechel Alberts, Kathie Albring, Chris Allen-Wickler, Peter Balestrieri, Prudy Barber, Bedella Brennan, Christine Brown, Lynn Carson, Harry Colestock, Diane Cox, Richard Cunningham, Jane Diller, Chuck Forman, Jan Glass, Margie Guyot, Millie Janka, Karen Kimmel, Meredith Krell, Bill and Jan Luptoski, Meg McClorey,  Glen McCune, Audrey Meyers, Charlene Michael,  Kaye Miller, Christo Miner, Robert Mohr, Shanna Robinson, Carol Ross, Yvonne Schmidt, Carolyn Scott Risk, Jerry Sessions, Bonnie Staffel, John Stevens, Marilyn Stockwell-Colestock, June Storm, Alan Swan, Nathan Swan,  Pat  Terry, Steve Toornman, Jacky Trimble, Cynthia and Ron Tschudy, John Unger, and Sylvia Walworth.

Every year the curator of the exhibition, Howard Ellis, selects an artist to the honored.  This year he choose Jane Diller and John Stevens.  He stated.  “As many of you know, since their arrival at JRAC, John and Jane have taken very important roles in the Arts Council.  Our vigorous outreach to local schools is the result of massive organization by Jane and John.  This was recognized by the East Jordan Chamber of Commerce which named them ‘Citizens of the Year’.  Many of the innovative and exciting programs which have enhanced the reputation of JRAC and our artistic community sprang from the imaginations of John and Jane. So — Thank you John and Jane, for all you give to us.”

From the past John exhibited a large  acrylic painting and a watercolor  and two current photographs.  Jane exhibited a drawing and  an earthenware object from the past  and  a mixed media beachscape and a recycled fiber work by needle felting done recently.

Many of the works besides John and Jane's are noteworthy. To name some are  Robert Mohr’s large oil painting. “Antigravity”;    Chris Allen—Wickler, “Tink,”  beaded rock with thousands of beads;  Audrey Meyers, necklace, beads on wire;  and  Christo Miner, “Gorilla Gone, Will There be hope for Man,spray paint.

The exhibit runs through July 16 and is open daily 1-4 pm at the Jordan River Art Center, 301  Main St. East Jordan.  For further information Contact Howard Ellis, 231 536 2512 or www. 



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