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Metamorphosis opens Sunday, March 28  at JRAC.  This exhibit challenged area artists to create art work based on the idea of transformation or change.    Over 50 works of art in all media both two and three dimensional comprise this most diverse exhibit.

Over the years artists have done this in many ways. One example would be MC Escher's tessellation showing a flying bird metamorphosing into a fish. The painter Monet had a different take on change when he painted a series of haystacks showing how light at different times of day created new and changing images of the same subject.

Many digital artists manipulate images to transform them into something new. Other artists take familiar objects and recycle them; transforming them into new images. It is  exciting to see how the artists have created work based on this idea.

Doug DeLind of Mason, Michigan ,  well known for his clay work,was most inspired and  submitted two pieces.  He  relates, “My two pieces represent a metamorphosis because the life drawing on brown paper was rolled on to  a slab of clay and the drawing transferred.  I then used the drawing on the clay like a ‘Cartoon’ to incise the clay on the drawing lines.  The slab was then divided into tiles and allowed to dry., then bisque fired, then glazed and raku fired.  So you have the drawing metamorphosed into a clay tile piece.” 

The exhibit is open daily, including Easter Sunday, from 1-4 pm at the Jordan River Art Center, 301 Main St. East Jordan.  Cynthia Tschudy  serves as curator and for information contact her at 231-544-6167 or at


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